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CCI Workshop: "Modern Information Carriers and Digital Preservation"


Please note: Registration for the workshop is now closed. Contact the EAS Coordinator at aabc.advisor@aabc.ca to be placed on the wait list.


The AABC is pleased to bring this Canadian Conservation Institute workshop to our members! This 2-day workshop will be held in Kelowna, BC.

Workshop dates: September 12-13, 2017  

Location: Kelowna Museum & Archives, 470 Queensway Avenue (inside the Okanagan Heritage Museum), Kelowna, BC V1Y 6S7

Registration: 18 spots available 

Workshop Instructors: Joe Iraci, Ern Bieman (CCI)

Description:  http://canada.pch.gc.ca/eng/1445370565233

This 2-day workshop discusses preservation of physical carriers and best practices for preserving digital information. Topics covered include the structure, composition and format of various types of modern information recording media. Deterioration, longevity and appropriate storage and handling recommendations are discussed. Also covered are tools for taking stock of existing digital assets and for developing digital preservation policies, plans and procedures. Software and hardware solutions for digital preservation in small to medium-sized heritage institutions are also recommended.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify and explain differences in structure, composition and format of various types of recording media;
  • identify the main deterioration problems and understand their effects on media;
  • understand factors affecting longevity and choose media for maximum lifespan;
  • implement proper handling and storage procedures for various media;
  • systematically approach the task of preserving modern information carriers;
  • identify digital assets in their institution and assess risk and impacts of losing access to these;
  • develop a digital preservation policy, plan and procedures; and
  • install and use hardware and software for the purpose of preserving digital assets in smaller heritage institutions.

Registration Fees: Participants will be charged the AABC's standard 2-day workshop fee:  

  • members $350.00
  • non-members $450.00

Coffee break: AM/PM coffee break supplied for both days

Meal catering: No, participants on their own for lunch

Accommodations: No accommodations have been pre-booked, participants are required to secure their own accommodations


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