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In partnership with the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC, the AABC presented seven roundtables between 2014-2018 that were livestreamed to our local membership and members of the international archival community. The discussions included remote participation of those watching the webcast through the use of emails and twitter feedback.

In November 2016 UBC produced a 3 minute promo clip for our DPM webcast. You can find the video here: AABC Archivists talk about Digital Preservation


Audiovisual Records in a Digital Age (March 7, 2018), click here to view the webcast!

Motion picture films and audio and video recordings are found in every archival collection. These visual records play an important part of documenting our history but are at risk in our modern digital age due to media degradation and format obsolescence. Our panel of speakers will share their experiences managing audiovisual records and their thoughts on access, preservation and digitization.

Panelists have generously shared a list of online resources/articles related to the preservation of audiovisual records. Please note this is an area of practice where things are changing all the time...some articles are already out of date in terms of recommendations but they still offer valuable background to the issues and guidance on how to make the best decision for your particular situation. The resource list is available here.


Talking with First Nations Archives (Feb. 23, 2017), click here to view the webcast!

Colleagues who work in local First Nations Archives, Resource Centres and in Records Management programs will share with us their experiences establishing archives, their role in facilitating access to records, and issues and concerns they encounter on a daily basis.


Digital Preservation Management...Best Practices vs. Reality (Nov. 17, 2016), click here to view the webcast!

We are pleased to present this webcast roundtable as a follow-up to the recent 3-day workshop on Digital Preservation Management held in Vancouver in October 2016. We will share strategies and tools from the workshop and discuss the steps required to develop an effective digital preservation program in your institution. Speakers from InterPARES, Simon Fraser University Archives and the City of Vancouver Archives will provide an introduction to their DPM projects and how they are managing the digital records in their archives.


Outreach, Donor relationship and Fundraising (Feb. 26, 2016), click here to view the webcast!

Building and maintaining donor relationships is a key aspect of daily archival work for many organizations. This can happen through simple outreach activities or grand fundraising events that shine attention on our archival treasures and our need for funding to preserve them. Topics to be discussed include: what building blocks need to be in place to foster strong relationships with donors? How can we leverage our time and (sometimes limited) resources to manage a successful outreach program?   What are the steps to a solid fundraising strategy?  How to nurture a positive "Friends of the Archives" partnership.


The Future of RAD (Oct. 23, 2015), click here to view the webcast!

The Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) has been tasked to develop a plan to update and revise the Rules for Archival Description (RAD) and are seeking input from members of the Canadian archival community. Since 2008 there have been no revisions to the standard and it time to deal with the descriptive reality of digital records (both digitized and born-digital) in archives. Richard Dancy from the Canadian Committee on Archival Description (a Committee of the CCA) provides some background on the project and helps facilitate discussion on questions including what are the strengths and weaknesses of RAD in its current form?   What should be the scope of the standard?   What form should "alignment" with international standards take?   What is the best form for governance of the standard?   How should consultation proceed and who should be consulted?


Taming the Beast with Metadata (Feb. 20, 2015), click here to view the webcast!

Setting aside infrastructure, policies, management, and money, what information needs to be recorded in order to ensure that the longevity of a digital record? Let's talk about Rules for Archival Description and PREMIS.


Orphan Photographs (Oct. 30, 2014), click here to view the webcast!

How do you manage photographs when you cannot determine who owned them or who holds copyright over them or you don't know anything about the content of the photograph itself. Do you have a policy or procedures or standard practices? How do you balance the issues of ownership and copyright with making them accessible for research and display? Do you digitize them anyway? Do you make them available on the Internet? I can't wait to find out what others are doing! How about you? This interactive panel discussion engages these important questions in the archival profession today.

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