AABC & YCA Joint Conference

"We Walk Many Paths: Archival Journeys in BC, Yukon and Beyond"

When: October 27, 2021

Where: Online

Conference website: https://aabcycaconference2021.wordpress.com/call-for-submissions/

Call for Submissions!

The AABC and Yukon Council of Archives are pleased to present the joint conference "We Walk Many Paths: Archival Journeys in BC, Yukon, and Beyond". 

The Conference Committee is now seeking proposals on the theme: “We walk many paths: archival journeys in British Columbia, Yukon, and beyond.” The conference will explore the many different journeys and experiences of archivists, recordkeepers, and other information professionals in preserving, accessing, sharing, and celebrating records of all kinds across British Columbia, Yukon, and beyond. Archival and recordkeeping practices across British Columbia and Yukon are all unique and take different paths to meet the needs of communities and their documentary heritage. Let’s take this opportunity to explore what archives can become and the creative ways people have reinterpreted archival perspectives and practice. The AABC and YCA invite participants to reflect on and share their experiences in reimagining archives and celebrating stories of their archival journeys.

Papers, experiences, and presentations highlighting British Columbia and Yukon experiences will be prioritized, but the Conference Committee invites anyone to submit a proposal related to the theme. The Conference Committee welcomes submissions from a variety of traditional and non-traditional formats, including formal presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, lightning talks, storytelling sessions, discussion groups and sharing circles.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Experiences and case studies of Indigenous, family, and community archives
  • Decolonizing vs. Indigenizing vs. Reconciliation in the archives Indigenous policy making
  • Geo-locating historical records
  • Case studies and/or resources for “lone” arrangers (archives with 1-2 staff)
  • Managing “non-traditional” archives, such as oral history, artifact and ephemera collections
  • Elders and storytelling
  • Healing and/or regaining spiritual identity through archives
  • Trauma-informed approaches in managing archival programs and services

Submissions are due by July 15, 2021 and can be sent to info@aabc.bc.ca or yukoncnclarch@gmail.com

Please see the conference website for more information.


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