Archives-BC Electronic Mailing List

The Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC) maintains an electronic mailing list known as "Archives-BC" intended for the exchange of information by, for, and about archives and archivists in British Columbia. Discussions of professional issues, announcements of AABC courses, programmes, or other events, and announcements of special events hosted by archives or related institutions are all welcome.

Please note:

  • Gratuitous insults ("flames") and commercial advertisements are NOT welcome.
  • The mailing-list is NOT set up to accept attachments (files sent "attached" to an e-mail). If the file you want to send contains important information, cut and paste the text directly into the body of an e-mail.
  • The mailing list is NOT set up to accept messages from non-subscribers.
  • If you get a new e-mail address after subscribing to archives-bc, and you want to remain on the mailing-list, please un-subscribe using your old address, and subscribe again with your new one.


 How to Subscribe to the archives-bc List

  1. Navigate to:!forum/archives-bc
  2. The group is closed to non-subscribers, but you will see a link that says: Subscribe to this group. Click on the link.
  3. A Join Group form will appear. Enter the email address you would like to use.
  4. After submitting, the request will go to the BCANS Coordinator for approval.

For further information and images, see the following PDF:

Subscribing to the new Archives-BC mailing list (PDF, 570KB) 

Configuring your mail delivery preferences

The options for delivery are:

  • 1 email per message (DEFAULT setting)
  • Daily summary emails
  • Combined updates (up to 25 messages per email)
  • No emails (web access via the Google Group only)

Note that this step requires a Google account - or you can email the BCANS Coordinator, at and the Coordinator will configure your preferences. If you have joined the list with a non-Google email address, you can still create a Google account using your preferred address.


How to Send a Message to the List

Once you are subscribed, to send a message to the list, send an email to   Please note that the "archives-bc" mailing list is closed to non-subscribers.

How to Unsubscribe from archives-bc

To unsubscribe from the Archives-BC list, send an email message to:

For more information

If you have questions about the "archives-bc" mailing list, please email

See also:

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