The AABC Archivist's Toolkit

The AABC Archivist's Toolkit offers access to a wide range of on-line and published resources for Archivists and archives workers at all levels. Special care is taken to provide resources for small and medium-sized archives. Intended for the British Columbia archives community, the AABC Archivist's Toolkit has evolved into much more as archives-related sites across Canada and internationally link to this valuable site and we are pleased to support our colleagues near and far.

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A Manual for Small Archives

The AABC's A Manual for Small Archives was originally published in 1988 and revised in 1994. It is designed to help persons in small archives, with limited access to training, few employees, and restricted finances and time. The manual explains archival principles and practices, offers guidelines and suggestions for various archival activities, and provides information on other available resources. 

Hard copy versions of A Manual for Small Archives are no longer available, however you can download a PDF (3.5 MB).

The AABC also published two indexing tools for the archival community:


Archivist's Toolkit 

Introduction to Archives

Establishing an Archives

Acquisition, Appraisal & Accessioning

Arrangement & Description

Preservation & Emergency Planning

Access & Privacy

Automation & Digitization

Electronic Records & Digital Preservation Management

Grants, Fund-raising & Projects

Outreach & Public Awareness

Other Resources

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