The AABC's A Manual for Small Archives was originally published in 1988 and revised in 1994. It is designed to help persons in small archives, with limited access to training, few employees, and restricted finances and time The manual explains archival principles and practices, offers guidelines and suggestions for various archival activities, and provides information on other available resources.  The Manual for Small Archives is available as a pdf (3.5megabytes).

The Association also published two indexing tools for the archival community, the British Columbia Thesaurus: a subject indexing tool for B.C. Archives (1990) and the Municipal & Local Terms: A Supplement to The British Columbia Thesaurus (1993).   

The AABC Newsletter provides local, regional, provincial and national archival news; notices of upcoming events; editorials; articles; and other information of interest to the members of the provincial archival community.The Newsletter is published three times a year, in November (Fall edition), February (Winter edition), and May (Spring edition). The AABC Newsletter is available online.

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