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Introduction to Archival Preservation

Course Timetable:

Registration: October 1 - December 20, 2023

Course duration: January 8 - March 18, 2024

AABC Anti-Racism Bursary

This course is eligible for the AABC Anti-Racism Bursary which covers the course registration cost and required textbook(s). More information about the bursary, eligibility, and a link to apply can be found HERE.

Bursary application deadline: T.B.D.

Course Description:

Using the textbook Preserving Archives and Manuscripts students will be introduced to archival preservation in seven modules. The textbook will be supplemented with articles, survey tools and condition reporting assessments available on the Internet.

Topics for the modules include:

Module 1.    Basic concepts and terminology in archival preservation

Module 2.    Basic material science of paper records and photographs

Module 3.    Basic material science of machine readable records and electronic media

Module 4.    Concepts for understanding design requirements for archives buildings and storage environments

Module 5.    The exhibition of archival records

Module 6.    Basics of emergency planning

Module 7.    Preservation management planning

Students will also receive, by electronic mail, a self-study guide which includes instructions, supplementary reading (where applicable), self-study questions, and in most modules, a practical project. The self-study questions and projects will be submitted to the Instructor for evaluation. Upon completing all the projects within the allotted time, students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Students can expect to work about 10-12 hours per week on readings and assignments for the duration of the course.

Instructor: Lisa Glandt, AABC Education and Advisory Services Coordinator

Cost: AABC members $350.00 (CAD) / Non-member $500.00 (CAD); plus the cost of the course textbook

Textbook: Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler. Preserving Archives and Manuscripts (SAA, 2010).

Student Comments on the Course:

"Thank you for the quick feedback on all the assignments! I really enjoyed the readings and look forward to implementing some of these things."

"I have enjoyed the process of taking this online course. These modules have greatly improved my function in our band office. I also hope to use this experience in other roles."

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